Different Types of Proxy Servers Available Today

Different Types of Proxy Servers Available Today

The computer which acts as a connection between the computer of the user and the internet is known as a Proxy server. It allows the client computer to make the connection to networks indirectly to other services. The client computer connects to the proxy network, demanding some reserves like games, downloads, and web pages, e-books, mp3  and any kinds of resources that are available from various websites on the internet. After the proxy server receives the request, it will seek the resources in its local disk. If the resources are already cached, the server will return them to the computer. If the resources aren’t cached beforehand, the proxy server connects to the applicable website and requests for the resources. Then it caches the resources and sends it to the client server.

Proxy Servers

Benefits of a proxy server:

  • A proxy server is used to make the IP address of the client computer invisible and to make it anonymous, for security reasons. For example, if a client visits Reddit via a proxy server, Reddit will get a request from the proxy server, but it makes it difficult for Reddit to track the client.
  • To increase the browsing speed of the internet
  • To block specific websites: Blacklist permits only authorized sites- white list, other access policy. Many workplaces, schools, and colleges have restrictions on specific websites. These restrictions are imposed based on the content that they possess.
  • Data leak protection by scanning outbound content

Types of proxy server:

There are different types of proxy servers. Some common types are listed below,

Anonymous proxy:  

The anonymous proxy server covers your information. When the client server requests some resources from a web page, the page gets the IP address of the proxy server which is used rather than your own. There is no way for the server to access your IP address as the communication between the proxy server and the client server is encrypted.

High anonymity proxy:

These types of proxy servers do not determine itself as a proxy server and make the original IP address unavailable. It disguises itself as a client server with the IP address of the proxy server.

Transparent proxy:

Transparent proxy reveals the client server to the requested server. This may be used in workplaces. When people look for shopping online, a transparent proxy is not the type of proxy they are looking for.

Reverse proxy:

A reverse proxy is used to transfer requests from the server, through a firewall to separate, private networks. It is used to prohibit clients from experiencing direct, unmonitored access to sensitive data present on the servers of the private network.

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